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[Date the item was received at this sitetd][/td]Access Control - list of allowed group hashes, see allow_cidno longer used

idSequential IDint(10) unsignedNOPRINULLauto_increment
midMessage-id - globally unique, there can be several items with the same message-ID in the table as they may have different uid ownerschar(255)NOMUL
aidchannel_account_id of the channel_id (uid) which owns this copy of the itemint(10) unsignedNOMUL0
uidchannel_id (uid) which owns this copy of the itemint(10) unsignedNOMUL0 of the parent to this item if it is a reply of some form; otherwise this must be set to the id of this itemint(10) unsignedNOMUL0
parent_midGlobally unique message-id of the parent to this itemchar(255)NOMUL
thr_parentIf the parent of this item is not the top-level item in the conversation, the message-id of the immediate parent; otherwise set to parent_midchar(255)NO
createdCreation timestamp. If creation is more than ten minutes into the future, set item_delayed to 1; it will automatically be delivered by the poller once the created time has passeddatetimeNOMUL0000-00-00 00:00:00
editedDate of  last edit (default is created)datetimeNOMUL0000-00-00 00:00:00
expiresDate this item expires and will be removeddatetimeNOMUL0000-00-00 00:00:00
commentedDate of last comment/reply to this itemdatetimeNOMUL0000-00-00 00:00:00
receiveddatetimeNOMUL0000-00-00 00:00:00
changedDate that something in the conversation changed, indicating clients should fetch the conversation againdatetimeNOMUL0000-00-00 00:00:00
comments_closedDate after which no more comments will be accepteddatetimeNOMUL0000-00-00 00:00:00
owner_xchanxchan_hash of the owner of this conversation (this is who replies are sent to)char(255)NOMUL
author_xchanxchan_hash of the author of this itemchar(255)NOMUL
source_xchanxchan_hash of the external source of this item belongs to multiple delivery chains and comments need to be uplinkedchar(255)NO
mimetypemime type of the content bodychar(255)NOMUL
titleitem titletextNOMULNULL
bodyitem body contentmediumtextNOMULNULL
appapplication which generated this itemchar(255)NO
langauto-detected languagechar(64)NO
revisionfuture use, version controlint(10) unsignedNOMUL0
verbActivityStreams verb (old style URI)char(255)NOMUL
obj_typeActivityStreams object type (old style URI)char(255)NO
objJSON encoded object structure unless it is an implied object (normal post)textNONULL
tgt_typeActivityStreams target type if applicable (URI)char(255)NO
targetJSON encoded target structure if usedtextNONULL
layout_midFor webpages, which layout (mid or message_id) to use when displaying this pagechar(255)NOMUL
postoptsExternal post connectors add their network name to this comma-separated string to identify that they should be delivered to these networks during deliverytextNONULL
routecomma separated xchan list of xchans where this message was routed on its way to this destination, used for route loop discovery and rejection of comments which arrived by alternate routes and may have different permissionstextNONULL
llinkURL of a displayable copy of this post/conversation on this sitechar(255)NOMUL
plinkpermalink or URL toa displayable copy  of the message at its sourcechar(255)NO
resource_idUsed to link other tables to items, it identifies the linked resource and if set must also set resource_typechar(255)NO
resource_typedefault none, if a linked resource this should be the name of the resource type such as "photo" or "event"char(16)NOMUL
attachJSON structure representing attachments to this itemmediumtextNONULL
sigRSA signature of the item body by the original author if the private key is availabletextNONULL
diaspora_metaUsed to store Diaspora comment signatures with their weird requirementsmediumtextNONULL
locationtext location where this item originatedchar(255)NO
coord longitude/latitude pair representing location where this item originatedchar(255)NO
public_policyIf the author has specified restrictions (this network, this site) etc. for distribution, the corresponding policy text is present here and item_private = 1char(255)NOMUL
comment_policyIf the author has specified comment restrictions (thei network, this site, etc.) the corresponding policy text is present herechar(255)NOMUL
allow_cidAccess Control - list of allowed xchans '<xchan1><xchan2>...'mediumtextNOMULNULL
deny_cidAccess Control - list of denied xchansmediumtextNOMULNULL
deny_gidAccess Control - list of denied groupsmediumtextNOMULNULL
item_flagsno longer usedint(11)NOMUL0
item_privatedistribution is restrictedtinyint(4)NOMUL0
item_originitem originated at this sitetinyint(4)NOMUL0
item_unseenitem has not been seentinyint(4)NOMUL0
item_starreditem has been favouritedtinyint(4)NOMUL0
item_uplinkThis item is part of a multiple delivery chain and must be uplinked to the original sender (source_xchan)tinyint(4)NOMUL0
item_consensusThis item allows voting toolstinyint(4)NOMUL0
item_wallThis item was posted to the wall of uidtinyint(4)NOMUL0
item_thread_topparent = id, this is the top post in a conversation tinyint(4)NOMUL0
item_mentionsmeThe owner of this item was mentioned in ittinyint(4)NOMUL0
item_nocommentif 1, no comments are allowedtinyint(4)NOMUL0
item_obscuredno longer usedtinyint(4)NOMUL0
item_verifiedthe signature has been verified on this sitetinyint(4)NOMUL0
item_rssitem originated in a feedtinyint(4)NOMUL0
item_deleteditem has been deletedtinyint(4)NOMUL0
item_typeused to identify webpage and design element types, 0 is a normal conversation itemtinyint(4)NOMUL0
item_hidden0 or 1 if item is not to be displayedtinyint(4)NOMUL0
item_delayeditem is posted in the futuretinyint(4)NOMUL0
item_pending_removeitem is in the process of being removedtinyint(4)NOMUL0

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